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What to Expect from Counseling

Counseling can bring about a number of benefits including improving interpersonal relationships, development of coping skills, making positive behavioral changes, reducing symptoms of mental health disorders, resolution of the concerns that led to you to seek these services and overall improved quality of life. Successful counseling requires effort on both your part and mine. It requires your active involvement, honesty and openness to change. Sometimes more than one approach can be helpful in working through an issue or dealing with a situation. The approach used may depend on the problem being treated, my professional assessment of what may benefit you, and/or feedback you provide. In order to be the most successful, you will have to work outside of sessions on things we discuss.

Despite the potential benefits, counseling does not work for everybody and may not work for you. This is an immensely personal process and can bring up unpleasant memories or emotions including but not limited to anger, sadness, worry and fear, and it can cause considerable discomfort. You may feel challenged at times to think about or consider things differently than you are used to. You may choose to make behavior or life changes as a result of our discussions in counseling. Sometimes the changes you make may be viewed positively by you but negatively by another person in your life. Although changes can happen quickly, it is more common for them to occur over time. Clients can sometimes make improvements but then return to previous thoughts, emotions or behaviors over time.

DWI & Impaired Driver Assessments

Tracy Carmody, LMHC, NCC, CASAC II is an approved provider of impaired driver DWI screenings and assessments. DWI screenings are scheduled and completed within the requirements of the DMV & OASAS Impaired Driver Program. DWI screenings and assessments must be paid for at the beginning of the DWI screening and assessment process. DWI screenings and assessments are billed at a rate of $350, including the assessment appointment, urine drug screening, submission of recommendations to the impaired driver program, and any referrals required if treatment is necessary.

To schedule a DWI screening and assessment, call Tracy at (315) 719-7117.

If you need more information about New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) relicensing requirements, please visit the NYS DMV website:

Counseling Services & Insurance

Tracy chooses to participate on limited insurance panels for a number of reasons including the increased choice, control and confidentiality of a counseling service that is not under contract with managed care. However, Tracy does provide out of network billing as needed or can provide you with a monthly statement that you can submit directly to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. It is important to note that insurance companies do not “guarantee benefits”.